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Eco Activity Day 8

After a courtesy call with my hardworking Mayor of Santa Ignacia, Nora Modomo, I was able to learn some of the numerous town’s environmental initiatives which I didn’t even know before. I learnt that my town engages in tree planting activities every year and that they are currently focused on collecting garbages in every barangay by putting up MRFs (Material Recovery Facility). I also found out and noted down that every June 12 in my town is a clean up drive which I am now happy to be part of.
Through this good governance and a local government that has sustainable practices, we are ensured that all environmental aspects are not being ignored for it is an important part of taking care of life here on Earth. Sending a message to my fellow youth to go and find out what your local municipalities are doing for the environment and be part of it. This is our planet and you we should show some love.
#MissPhilippinesEarth2022 #MELovesFauna #LetTheEarthBreathe

Official Website of Municipality of Santa Ignacia Province of Tarlac