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RESBAKUNA SCHEDULE | May 27, 2022 (8:00 am – 12:00 nn)

🏠Venue: RHU Building
🗓️May 27 (8am-12nn)
Resbakuna KIDS (5-11 Years old)59
📌1st dose PFIZER ( kids)
📌2nd dose PFIZER (kids)
Resbakuna (12 years old and above)
📌1st dose SINOVAC
📌1st dose PFIZER
📌1st dose J&J
📌2nd dose SINOVAC
📌2nd dose PFIZER
📌1st Booster dose (18 y/o and above)
📌2nd Booster dose for Health Workers, Senior Citizens and Immuno Compromised Individuals ( atleast 4months interval from 1st booster dose)

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